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EBSCO Databases

What is it?

General knowledge databases for schools and public libraries.  Explora is an interface that searches all EBSCO subscribed databases in one place.  Links to specific to each databases is also provided for inclusion as you wish.

How do patrons access it?

Place custom links on your website.

Wherever you see ns004890, you would need to put your EBSCO Site ID.  If you don’t know your site ID, contact our EBSCO rep Jeff Cutler (jcutler@ebsco.com) or Nan Carmack (nan.carmack@lva.virginia.gov) or Barry Trott (barry.trott.lva.virginia.gov).

Explora Public Libraries (searches MasterFILE and ReadIt!):

Explora Schools (searches MasterFILE and ReadIt!):

MasterFILE Complete:

ReadIt! (Lower lexile with foreign language translation capability and comprehension guides)

If authentication fails and you get a prompt for a user ID/Password combination, you can access via these credentials:

      • Username:  valib
      • Password:  2023!-Read

Marketing Support?

 EBSCO Widget builder

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Training Support?

EBSCO Connect

Known Problems:

Geo-authentication is proving a challenge. If it asks for a username and password, try these things:

Apply the “cookie killer:” ‘The Cookie Killer’… http://search.ebscohost.com/testauth.aspx  

….and here is a screencast of what you will see before using the link and what you should see after using it.   https://www.screencast.com/t/O5ZkkQ88K6T.


  1. Login to the Ebsco Admin site (https://eadmin.ebscohost.com) with your admin credentials (contact Barry Trott, barry.trott@lva.virginia.gov or Nan Carmack, nan.carmack@lva.virginia.gov if you do not have login credentials)
  2. Click the Reports & Statistics tab
  3. Click Standard Reports
  4. In the report window select the following options:
    1. Under Filters, choose All Subscribed Databases and click Select/View
    2. In the selection window, click Remove All
    3. Use the search tool in the selection window to choose the LVA databases (as well as any other Ebsco content that your institution subscribes to on its own). When you find a database in the search results double click it to move it over to the filtered collection (on the right side of the window). The LVA databases to select are:
      • Masterfile Complete
      • Masterfile Reference eBook Collection
      • NoveList Plus
      • NoveList Plus K-8
      • Read It!
  5. Click Apply Changes
  6. Under Reporting Period set the appropriate date parameters
  7. Under Export choose Download
  8. Click Create Report for Download
  9. Click the Downloads tab
  10. Download the report as Excel
  11. Report the Total Requests for each resource

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