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Transparent Language Online

What is it?

Learn a new language or polish your skills. Transparent Language Online offers:

  • A wide variety of Languages available – Transparent Language offers a growing collection of 120 languages for English speakers.
  • ESL/ELL materials for speakers of 34 different languages, including recently released English for Dari, English for Pashto and English for Ukrainian.
  • Immersion-style English content for intermediate and advanced English learners.
  • Advanced Learning Activities including reading, writing, listening and speaking exercises, typing support, alphabet learning and grammar instruction.
  • An American Citizenship Test prep course designed with the goal of preparing test takers to comfortably answer all 100 civics questions.
  • A robust collection of 24 indigenous languages (Cherokee coming soon)!
  • American Sign Language courseware organized into a collection of 8 units of study, the course includes over 960 videos focused on fingerspelling, numbers, signs, and ASL sentences. Curated from a curriculum designed and used at multiple universities for over 30 years.
  • KidSpeak – immersive, animation based language instruction in 6 different languages for kids K-2.
    Workforce development lessons for medical and business terminology.

How Do Patrons Access It?

  • There are unique URLs for each individual library. Please contact Barry Trott (barry.trott@lva.virginia.gov) if you need your library’s link.
  • Users will go to the url sent out to individual libraries, and from there will create an account, using their library card and then creating a username and p/w that they will use going forward.
    • This will let them track progress.
  • They can also sign in as a guest with only a library card.
  • In either case, they will need a library card for the initial login.

Marketing Support?

Training Support? 

Technical Support?


  • Go to your library’s Transparent Language page
  • Login with the admin user and p/w combination that was sent to your library
  • Choose Admin Portal from the dropdown menu in the upper right of the page
  • Choose the reports tab
  • To create a report, click the Generate New link and choose the reports type (Summary Report will give you all the data you need for Bibliostat-level reporting)
  • Set the date range for your report
  • Leave the reporting group selections as they are set
  • Report the Circulations figure

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