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Accel5 Business Video Library

What is it?

For just in time learning for the working professional, Accel5 Business Library features

    • Short videos on topics including:
        • business competencies
        • leadership and management
        • personal effectiveness
    • Summaries for business and leadership books
    • Articles by industry leaders on current working world issues

How do patrons access it?

There are two ways for your patrons to access Accel5. We acknowledge this is less than convenient and Accel5 is working on streamlining this process.

  1. Without creating an individual account:
  2. Creating an individual account:
    • Add this link to your website: https://www.accel-5.com/library-of-virginia/f1adb1cd-708e-4c4c-8ebf-afbe3974998c
    • This link will provide an account creator that asks for patron email, password creation and then send a validation code to the provided email before granting access.
    • Benefits of creating an individual account:  keeping your place in publications, tracking what you’ve read, Accel5 promoting items that match to what you’ve already viewed.

Marketing Support?



Here is a quick video demonstrating product use. Feel free to put this on your public website. https://vimeo.com/414729161


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